Friday, July 15, 2016

Sewing a Map of the World

I had three students complete one of these this year.  It is a lot of work and a long attention span is a must!  We traced the continents from the world map onto a large piece of felt.  Very carefully, the beads were sewn on one at a time.  
It took a couple of weeks of on and off working for these kids to finish their maps. 
So beautiful!

Sewing with Beads

This past year most of my students were 4 or 5 years old.  Toward the end of the year it appeared they need some more activities that took a while to do, that they could work on everyday, and have something to be so proud of to take home.

There was a lot of embroidery happening and we decided to add beads.  I got this idea after visiting another Montessori classroom!  
This 5 year old finished a rainbow.

Jam on Crackers
Food prep is very popular in my classroom.  So many skills go in to this activity all for a small piece of bread and jam.
I cut up slices of bread and put them in an air tight food storage container.  
The jam is in a baby food jar.  Instead of a knife, we used a spoon because our jam was runny.  We made it ourselves in the classroom (without heat) and it was delicious but runny!

The child unfolds one napkin and uses the spoon and spreads some jam on their bread.

After eating this (carefully over their napkin) they catch their crumbs by folding the napkin in by the corners. 
They use the sponge to wipe off the spoon or if it's extra sticky, they wash it at the sink.