Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Parts of the Pumpkin

To go along with the parts of the pumpkin 3 part cards, I always try to dissect a pumpkin at group time. The children enjoy matching the parts they are exploring to the cards. This is also a great time to separate out the seeds for roasting (or to save to make works with)!

Strawberry Hulling

This is a great tool I found at a kitchen store. It works quite well! This work was set up to hull the strawberries and then save them in the fridge to make jam (which we later did). You could also set it up for the snack table or for them to eat a couple strawberries after they hulled them.


With the hype of the 12th man being such a huge piece of the Seattle culture, of course I had to add a bit of that to the classroom. Our school had many children who come to school all dressed up for "Blue Fridays" and we had many fans. A couple of simple blue and green works have been very fun!

September practical life

A variety of Apple themed practical life activities for the beginning of the year!

September Science shelf

Like many teachers, I like to have an apple theme at the beginning of the year. It is something simple and that the kids are familiar with.. It also adds some ideas for art, songs, practical life, etc.