Friday, January 10, 2014

Chinese Zodiac Matching
This is a fun work!  We found the image online and rummaged through our school's collection of 100's of different objects to put it together!  It's in constant use an the children love finding out what animal they are!

Here they are all sorted out.

Using Chopsticks with 'noodles'

This is very fun work with the Chinese food container as a great attraction!  The 'noodles' are strips of beige colored felt.  With it being the year of the horse I got the horse chopsticks out of my farm box.

Here is a student transferring the noodles!  

Panda Spooning :)
These are the Safari Mini's again- our favorite brand of objects!  Placed in Asian looking bowls (found at World Market Cost Plus) it is a very inviting activity for the youngest to the older children on the practical life shelves!  Perfect for our Asia study

For the beginning our our Asia study we got out the map and sorted out all the pictures my director had cut out of magazines years ago (before the era of google images).  It was a great way to introduce Asia and we also combine the globe with this presentation.  We passed out the pictures at circle and one at a time the children brought them up.  They would either describe them, talk about what they thought were on them, or I would do it for them!  We will leave them up for the remainder of the study.

This is a super simple pouring activity for our Asia study but what I love are the containers!  I found them at Cost Plus World Market!

 Dragon Counting
This is simple 1-5 counting work and one-to-one correspondence activity.  The dragons are the safari minis and the counting chart I made but there are similar ones you can purchase.  I love having it for the diversity of objects to rotate throughout the year depending on the unit study, season, or holiday!

Of course, the dragons are a an immediate draw for all those boys in the classroom!