Monday, October 29, 2012

Witches Brew

This is my friend Tiffany's work from Bella Terra Montessori in Fall City.  We sing a song called "Witches Brew" in October.  You pretend to put a cauldron in the middle of circle and go around the circle and each child get's to put something in the brew.  This can be anything.  We get lots of eyeballs, frogs, sparkles, leaves, etc. :) 
After they all put their item in we sing " We're stirring, and stirring, and stirring our brew!  Ohhhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhh.  We do this three times and then say "tip toe, tip toe, tip toe, BOO!"  (tip towing with our fingers).
This is always fun over and over and over!

This is an extension of that song! I put an assortment of Halloween objects in a bowl and they take them out with the tweezers and put them in the cauldron.  Then they stir!  We put an emphasis on singing quietly since this is work-time :)

Oak Tree Art

This is a really fun, 3 dimensional art project using mostly natural materials.  We have an Oak tree at our school so gathering the acorns was easy!  We put them in our dehydrator overnight to dry them out.
I got the oak leaf punch at Michaels.  The trunks (thicker pieces of wood) and the branches (the thinner pieces) I gathered off the playground with the kids.

They first cut the grass by making "snips" in the green paper.
Then they use tacky glue to shape their tree.  I had them lay the trunk and the branches out first then glue it on the cardboard backing.
Add the acorns (with tacky glue) and the leaves (regular school glue works for this)

These look very cute hung up in our classroom!