Monday, June 4, 2012

Earth Beads

Earth Beads
This is a very fun project that is great for your geography study, a solar system unit, or Earth Day!  We made these necklaces in preparation for Earth Day as we were going to pick up litter in our town and we wore these on our adventure.

Use Femo or Sculpey Clay (Sculpey is softer and easier for small hands to manipulate).
Put out the colors for land, water, and air.   I also put out the same colors of pony beads.

The kids take small pinches of each one and make balls with each.

Make "snakes"

 Twist together

 And roll into a ball!  This is your bead

 Poke a hole ( a paper clip, tack, or pin pusher will do)

I use a muffin tin for a baking pan to separate them all.  If you have a bigger class, use a mini muffin tin.  To keep track I draw a graph on a piece of paper of the circles and write who's is where.

Here's the finished product!