Wednesday, July 20, 2011

boomerang art

For our Australia study this year we talked a lot about the animals, the land, and the native people the Aborigines.  We looked at many pictures of their art and paintings first and read books about their culture and how they used boomerangs to hunt!  (which was news to me!)  We made these boomerangs and they were a hit!  I cut the shape out of brown poster board and showed them at circle time different ways to do it. 

I wish I had some pictures of theirs to post on here!  Everyone's was so unique.  Some kids even painted suns and turtles on them.  We hung them up at school and then made an Aborigine painting boarder with 2x11 strips of black, green, and red paper.  Each child made a boarder or two (with 'lines and dots') to put around our boomerangs!  It really looked beautiful up there for our Australia study!

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