Saturday, July 16, 2011

Continent Sewing

 We did a year long geography study this year focusing on one each continent one at a time.  I was constantly trying to think of new ideas to keep it exciting and fresh while also reiterating the basics of Montessori geography such as  the continent color coding.  This is a super simple sewing work I had on the art shelf.  I wanted to simply use the Africa puzzle piece from the world map but it wouldn't fit in the embroidery hoop I had, so I had to minimize it first on the copy machine.  I just kept a card stock master on hand to trace them onto the burlap.  I also put red dots around the outline indicating where their stitches should go.  (this seemed to really help as I've noticed in past sewing activities they tend to make their stitches really big!).  They turned out great!

Here's a look at the finished product.  For the older kids they'd fill in the middle and the younger ones would simply go around the edges.

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  1. great idea. its all over homeschooling boards on Pinterest ;) I pinned it here, hope its okay!