Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I've spent the last two days setting up the classroom for the upcoming school year!  I was able to spend much more time on the details of things this year because my director set up all the furniture and the basic Montessori materials!  This made it much easier and I was able to really put a lot if time fine tuning everything!  

Here is our practical life area
Lots of big, dry objects to start the year out with.  Many apples and acorn works as well to go along with our light apple theme for September.  This first month will be mostly grace and courtesy, the peace curriculum, and many role modeling activities at circle time but we're adding apples in there just for a light theme and to base art projects around.  Plus, around our area, apples are being harvested at this time so our snack will likely be local apples for the first month!

Here is our geography and science area- My personal favorite!  Many new works are on the shelf that I made over the summer.  That Earth rug is so amazing!  My director picked that up at a friends garage sale!  It is perfect!

This is our math area.  Notice the two trophies- the school has one the grand Marshall and first place in our local parade!

Here is a close up of the early math shelf.  

simple addition operations, teen numbers, and sequencing numbers from 1 - 100

Advance math

This is looking at the art area as well as the metal insets.

Our Circle Garden


  1. you have set up a beautiful classroom, nice job! The activities are fab and I especially like the magic song bag.

  2. Hi Tricia! Thank you so much! Our first week of school went so great and I'm looking forward to this year! We did the song bag as of the 2nd day and it's already a hit! I'm so glad you found my site and I hope to post more soon! I hope you're off to a good start to the school year!