Monday, August 22, 2011

Vertebrates and In-Vertebrates

I had the opportunity to work at a different Montessori school over the summer co-teaching with an old friend!  It was a great experience to work with someone else and at a different school.  I love seeing new works, getting fresh ideas, and seeing the ins and out's of how they do it!  I met some great teachers, kids, and families over the last 6 weeks.   
This is one of the works in the science area that was in constant use. 
So Jessica was nice enough to give me the master!  
It's a vertebrate and in vertebrate sorting work with objects.
 I went through a bunch of my unit study boxes (sea life, Halloween, insects, animal kingdom etc.)  and was able to find all the objects I needed.  There is also a black lined master to put with the work for the kids to color after the initial lesson.  
I'm excited to put this on the shelf this fall!

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