Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fishing for Salmon

We are doing a lifecycle of the salmon unit this October.  Salmon are native to where we live so there's lots of opportunity to see them in action at this time of year both at the fish hatchery's and in local rivers!  This is one of the works I'll introduce on the first day we talk about salmon. This idea came from my friend who I interned under!
It's just a simple plastic storage container lined with blue felt, rocks from the playground, and I sprinkled some flat marbles all around to represent salmon eggs.

 I tied a piece of hemp string to a wooden dowel (can be bought at craft stores) and hot glued magnets to the end of it.  The fish are printed off on cardstock (from google images) and I punched a hole around their mouths with a tiny hole punch and put metal jump rings (for jewelry) through them.
They can just gently move the fishing pole back and forth and the catch the salmon!  There are 3 different sizes.
Here's a cute song to sing while doing it.
(Sung To: Row, Row, Row your boat)
Submitted byJenni
Catch, catch, catch a fish, 

Hook it on your line. 
Reel it, reel it, reel it, 
This one will be mine.

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