Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halloween Party Invitation

Each year at the school I'm at we have an annual Dad's Pumpkin Night.  The kids come in costume and the dad's too if they wish.  They carve a pumpkin together, play games, and at the end of the night the kids all sing songs!  I try and think of a clever and new invitation each year and this is what I came up with this year.  I used a bat die cut at Ben Franklin on black sparkly scrapbook paper.  Then they used the circle metal inset to trace the 'Harvest Moon' and glued it down and the bats on top.

 On a separate piece of paper all the details of the night that they glue and then sign their name!  I love the bats on the moon so much I'm brainstorming a bats on the moon counting work for next year!

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