Friday, November 11, 2011

Weather Tracking

This activity was inspired by my friend Tiffany :)
Each day at our end of the day circle we track the weather.  Weather is one of the duties on our job chart.
Here are our jars

 We color code the type of weather.  Yellow for sun, white for clouds, blue for rain, and clear for those magical snowy days!

On the first day of the new season we tally them up!
 Our Weather person gets to write down the numbers and we hang this in the classroom for the year adding more seasons to it as we go!  

This is a picture of part of our job chart.  My director came up with this version of the job chart and I love it!  It's a magnetic dry erase board with everyone's name on a magnetic tag.  It just rotates around in a circle each week.  

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