Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sense of hearing

For our sense of hearing work, I printed out different images onto label paper (so they are like stickers) and then cut them in half.  There were 2 pictures per label.  I couldn't think of many objects to glue, so we went this route.  There are lots of instruments, a phone, a microphone. a bike horn, and headphones to represent what we use our sense of hearing for.  

Before this lesson was presented (at circle) we listened to a CD I have from Joseph Weisnewski (http://www.weisnewski.com/) that has lots of sounds on on it for listening games.  They enjoyed this very much!  Everything from the sound of opening a can of pop to a baby crying!  We then guessed what we heard when the track was done!

We also discussed the purpose of sign language!  We use ASL on a daily basis in our classroom for basic communication skills as well as for finger plays in our songs.  We talked about if cannot hear that this is how you communicate!

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