Sunday, March 4, 2012

Easter Practical Life

These are a few of my favorite Easter practical life works!  It's so fun and easy and it seems there are small Easter themed objects at almost every store right now.  At our school we celebrate Easter as the coming of Spring!  

This one is from my oldest Montessori friend and Mentor, Miriam.  
I color code the beads inside the eggs so it doubles as a sorting work when they are putting it away.

 They tap on the bowl, then twist to open!  It's also fun to put a little wire whisk on the tray for stirring.

The rabbit shaped tongs are perfect for transferring any egg shaped object!

These eggs are the ones meant to hang on the Easter trees found at Michaels.  I just cut off the strings.  
The tongs are from a kitchen store.  
The suction cup pad information can be found here

Just a simple egg sorting with tongs.

I found these little creme containers at a kitchen store last year!  so cute!

Water pouring out of egg holdlers

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