Friday, March 2, 2012

Paper Bowl Turtle Art

 This is a great project when studying tortoises, turtles, and/or reptiles.  For our Animal Kingdom study we focused on the tortoise for our reptile study and even brought a real one into the classroom for a few weeks!  What a great hands on learning experience!  We discussed the tortoise's life cycle and had parts of the tortoise classification cards.  We also read many, many books on this topic!

Here's how the work is set up.  I just photocopied on construction paper the head, legs, and tail shape.

 They first use Tacky Glue to glue down the bowl in the middle of the paper.  Then cut (or pin push) out all the parts to attach to the underside of the bowl.  Finally they paint the bowl.  I used green and brown paints.  We had our live tortoise right there as we did this :)

Here he is!  Everyone named their tortoise as well!

This is Herfy.  He's my friend's tortoise who let us borrow him for our reptile study!  This is a picture of him crawling all around the circle rug!

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