Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rainbow Painting

Rainbow works are so fun this time of year!  This is a new one me and my director came up with and it works great!
The eye dropper bottles are filled with tempura paint (I thinned it out a little with liquid dish soap as I usually do with tempura paint for better consistency and easier clean up!)
There's white pom-pom balls for the clouds, a small bowl of gold sequence (we just used what we had on hand), pre-cut pots, and a paint brush of the size you wish.

For a bit of control of error, I drew small circles as a guide as to where to put each dropper of paint.  It doesn't have to be exact, just close to your brush's width.  

One drop at a time

It works great!  If their drops aren't big enough they go over it (carefully) twice.  But if you use an eyedropper per color it should work in one swoop. We put an emphasis on putting a little pressure on the brush.  It's a pretty easy clean up as only the tip of the brush and one side of it is dirty

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