Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Feast Place Mat

Each year in addition to our daily family style lunch (each family brings lunch for a week and we eat family style daily) we have a Thanksgiving Feast.  The lucky family who gets that week get's to bring at the Turkey Day Fixings!
To make it extra special the kids each make their own place mat. Below is the tray with all the supplies.  These include short and long strips of paper (for the place mat boarder) dried and pressed leaves, different colored large square, rectangle, and triangle shaped paper  I use all fall colored/themed paper and it's all geared to fit a standard 9x12 piece of construction paper.

 Here is one being assembled
 The children choose the construction paper base they want as well as all the different choices of shapes.

Here is a finished product!  They all turn out different and depending on the size of their hand, you can sometimes trace both hands.
I will laminate them all to use at our feast and then they can take them home to use for their own!

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