Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cards and Counters Extension and Variety

These are really simple cards and counter cards I made last year.  I like to switch out math works and counting manipulative's often and between my own materials and what the school has we have so many different objects!  So I just made these cards that go from 1-10 in all different colors and sizes.  Some on plain paper some on patterned.  Erasers, flat marbles, seasonal objects like plastic hearts for Valentines day or jingle bells for Christmas are so inviting and gives ample opportunity for the kids to practice combining the correct amount of quantity to the symbol!  This was very easy and I did them in one night.  The numbers are actually stickers.  If you ever see a Pepsi or Coke delivery person in your local grocery store you can ask them for these!  They have binders and binders full of them!  Telling people you're a local preschool teacher seems to go a long with people and they are happy to share!  

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