Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weather Unit

Weather is one of my favorite units to do. Especially in March because here in the Northwest we usually get a little of everything including Rainbows which are perfect to go with St. Patrick's Day!
Here's some of my weather activities.

I had cut out the clouds out of tissue paper and the kids pin poked raindrops throughout the month

Weather Bingo made from 'Google Images'

Types of weather three part cards.  Again 'Google Images'
 We did a lot of different things with clouds but studying and classifying the types of clouds was a lot of fun.  We stuck to the three basic kinds: Cirrus, stratus, and cumulus.  Throughout the month I'd hear the kids say things like, "there's the stratus clouds it's going to rain".  That was so cute!

This one was for the art shelf.  Again, we stuck to the three basic kinds of clouds and shaped them out of cotton balls.  When it was dry we stapled them into books. 

Another art project.  We were carefully tracking the weather everyday at circle time with a big weather graph (in above pin pushing picture) so using die cuts, a paper plate, and a brass brad the kids really enjoyed making their own chart to track the weather at home!

This is what we'd do at circle each morning.  We had a thermometer just outside our window to check the temp., decide if it was windy or not, and we'd glue a little symbol (made from punches) on the day.

Throughout the year we'd track the weather everyday using colored marbles and jars labeled with clouds, sun, rain, or snow. At the end of each season we'd tally it up!

I believe this was bought from 'Sisters in Stitches' felt company.  They make the greatest stuff!  Here's their site  
We talked a lot about the water cycle and this was a great visual aid for the kids to work with at circle and on their own!

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