Sunday, July 17, 2011

Animals of the Continents

I love the geography area of the classroom!  It seems like the kids gravitate toward anything with small objects.  It also appears that as far as learning about different places around the world, animals are something that they can relate to and connect with.  Therefore having something familiar to connect with a place as far away as Asia helps them realize the diversity in all these places!  
This work is made from felt.  I collected many different animals from toy stores, Michaels, and even my own son's collection (with his permission of course!).  I have it set up in a large basket with the felt all folded nicely and the continents and animals on top.

This is the control book.  I show them how to arrange the continents just like on the picture.
 Opened up it has all 7 continents (again, color coded)  with the native animals underneath.  I show the kids to do one continent at a time.  There is anywhere from 2-5 animals per continent depending on what I could find!