Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Lights Peg Board

I've had this old, wooden peg board lying around forever and it seems like every school has this one!  The pegs I've been able to find for it are the right diameter but are  so tall they tip over and it's frustrating for the child.  For this reason, I haven't put it out on the shelves in years.
While at Ben Franklin Christmas shopping I found these light pegs.  On the packaging it said something about being for some kind of ceramic tree.  I thought they looked like the right size and was so happy when they were!  (I've since seen them at Michaels too)

This work was in constant use for all of December!  Lots of patterns to be created and it looked so pretty when all done!  The packs come with 75 pegs so if you have this pegboard (with 100 holes) get two.  What a great small motor and pencil grasp activity!

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