Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sense of smell Mr. Sketch marker work!

During our human body unit we devoted a couple of weeks to the five senses.  The Mr. Sketch markers are a fond memory of my elementary days so I made a work out of it!  We got the basic pack of 12 markers and printed out real images of each food they represented.  On the back of each card I used the matching marker to make a dot of color for control of error.  Then I made a black line image of each fruit for them to make their own booklet.

This is how they set it out.

After matching and self correcting each one to the color coding on the back of each card they could make a book using the smelly markers!  They really do smell even when on the paper!  The older child also wrote the name of the food on each page.  We were sure to tell them not to put the marker on their nose or they'd have a mark!

Because the markers are so strong I grouped the 12 papers together with a paperclip and they colored each one separately on an art mat, so that the color wouldn't bleed on to the one behind it.  They stapled it once they were done.


  1. Do you have an electronic copy of the black and white pictures you could email me?

  2. Would you be willing to share the file for the picture cards? I love this!