Sunday, July 17, 2011

Magic Song Bag :)

It seems like one of the most important aspects of the classroom is music.  Singing, instruments, and movement activities can bring everyone together and help strengthen the classroom community.  Songs are often one of the things kids "bring home" from school.  When asked, "What did you do at school today?" they often can't remember as far as work they did or lessons they had because they are so fluidly moving from one activity to another.  However, if asked, "What did you sing at circle today" they can often remember the songs and then teach the song to their families!  It's probably the most common thing I hear from parents...what songs the kids are talking about and singing at home!  What a great home-school connection!
A few years back I started the "Magic Song Bag".  Just using the word magic gets everyone instantly engaged!  At our school one of the jobs on the job chart is 'songs'.  This child (switched weekly) gets to choose the songs out of the song bag everyday at circle.  Usually 1-2 depending on the time we have and the length of the song.  It also allows for much diversity in what we're singing everyday.  It's so easy to just get stuck in your song rut and sing the same ones over and over again!  

I have about 25-30 'song cards' in the bag all illustrated to represent the song title.  Below are six of some commonly known preschool songs.  "When ducks get up in the morning, Tiny Tim, Fly Like a Butterfly, Rainbow, ABC's in sign language, and I am a Pizza'.
Once we sing the song we hang up the card on the wall by circle to help keep track of what we've sang and so the parents can see too!

This is a well loved activity everyday and never gets old!  I do want a more beautiful song bag and am keeping my eyes peeled.  This is just what I had on hand when I started this and it works just fun!  I'd just prefer something a bit more lovely :)

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